At Shop Talk Studios, we believe that it's not just the work we do but the people behind it who make the real difference. Our team is a reflection of our core values - creativity, collaboration, and authenticity. We are passionate about creating compelling content and are always up for a challenge.

Who we are

Behind the lens

"The commitment they have to make sure you get great quality in every photo or video is more than commendable. "

- Jennifer Sanderson

01 / 06

"They helped us with our marketing video for my husbands company, and the results were near perfection! I’d highly recommend them!"

- Peyton Reed

02 / 06

"They provided video services for a two-day women's conference, and the footage they captured was absolutely stunning"

- Hanna Broom

03 / 06

"We hired Sam to do all of our videography for The Angels Gala and he has been wonderful to work with!

- Kila Gonzales

04 / 06

"They have the necessary equipment to shoot anything you can imagine. All you have to do is tell them what you want and they will make it happen. "

- John Bruscato

05 / 06

"They are professional and incredibly talented. They brought our marketing visions to life. "

- Corbin Ryland

06 / 06